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Mission / Vision

Aqualectra’s mission statement gives us guidance in both the organizational direction as well as in our approach towards key stakeholders. We also set high standards in our care for environmental and social issues. E.g.: we strive and succeed in reducing our carbon dioxide footprint every year and are certified according to the ‘CO2 performance ladder level 3’ issued by the SKAO foundation and are also certified according to the Corporate Social Responsibility performance ladder level 3.

An inside view in our views and beliefs are a crucial part of our vision statement. Offering excellent services towards our customers is an important part of our philosophy. We consider ourselves ‘knowledge providers’ and like to share this knowledge with our customers and end users to achieve the best solution. We are aware that our products and services play a major role in your succes. Aqualectra provides full support during your project to ensure your success is our success too.

Our mission statement
As a leading and comprehensive panel builder Aqualectra attributes to the success and continuity of her business partners. This is accomplished by excellent business related knowledge, products and services. Key elements in fulfilling the needs of her business relations are environmental- and social awareness.

Our vision statement
Aqualectra wants to be a leading business partner for both her national as well as her international relations and end-users in all areas of her expertise accomplished by excellence in design, manufacturing, advise, innovation, service and aftersales.


  • invest in employees by offering training and growth
  • maintaining a healthy, save and pleasant working environment
  • be involved and act responsible
  • strive for excellent quality in everything we do
  • trust each other
  • act flexible and broad minded
  • integrity in everything we do
  • cherish long lasting relationships
  • maintain a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility


Aqualectra is an independently operating designer and manufacturer of high quality electric panels and provides knowledge, (on site) services and comprehensive solutions regarding the following main disciplines: energy distribution, control- and switchboard technology and building- and industrial automation. All of this with an enthusiastic team of 125 employees. Over the last years Aqualectra has an annual turnover of 15 to 20 million euros.

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