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HVAC Control Panels

Aqualectra is specialized in both the engineering and the production of HVAC control panels. We gladly provide assistance in the design of energy-efficient and controllable building management and automation systems.


Our engineers can translate your ideas into electrical diagrams in accordance with the applicable standards for low-voltage switchgear IEC 61439 and electrical safety of machines IEC 60204. Our well trained technicians and fully equipped production facilities provide an excellent environment for producing your product according to the highest quality standards.

Our specialists are very familiar with a wide selection of components and their specifications. By applying predefined standards, our engineers are capable of designing your product in the most efficient way.

Aqualectra’s own developed and proven components are often used within HVAC-control cabinets. Our timers, powersupplies and intervention modules are a good example of frequently used components. More information about these components can be found here.


  • Full  support and care
  • Designed in accordance with your guidelines
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Optimal climate control
  • Tested in accordance with the applicable standards
  • Reduced energy-costs for your buildings


HVAC is the abbreviation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. We have full experience with a wide range of controllers like Priva, Siemens, Saia, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, DEOS, Sauter, WebEasy, Trend, Delta Controls, Distech, Regin, Digicontrol en Schneider StruxureWare. We will always provide you with the best advice based on your wishes.

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