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On the first of November in 2014 Aqualectra celebrated her 35-year anniversary. From the small company that we once were we grew to be the biggest independent panel builder in the Netherlands. Aqualectra has developed herself with her knowledge, quality and service to be a great contender nationally as well as internationally.


1979 Establishment Aqualectra Service b.v.

1987 Continuation as Grundfos Aqualectra b.v.

1998 Continuation as individual business: Aqualectra b.v.

2002 Move to a new building at Flemingstraat 48, from 5 locations to 1

2005 Alteration of ownership, continuance as Aqualectra b.v.

2007 Additional production location for Energy distribution at Flemingstraat 23

2010 Start up of re-designing our production methods by introducing Lean manufacturing

2017 Additional production location at Flemingstraat 25