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Automation and iSCAPE®

You can now achieve maximum performance, ease of use and best serviceability by using Aqualectra’s: iSCAPE®. Aqualectra has developed its own SCADA-concept to assist in the automation, control and monitoring of your control cabinet, distribution system, motor control center or complete installation. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This systems manages collecting, sending, processing data and also provides a visualization of the collected data of machines in industrial applications.


iSCAPE® contains a SCADA-environment for visualization and a web server for remote access. This web server provides an automation system to manage various users. Most of all, it can be accessed through most browsers. This concept offers full control of your system and also offers various remote access and management options.

PLC’s and HMI’s

We can offer our service  and knowledge to program renowned PLC’s and HMI’s (displays) for brands like Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley. Our professionals are well trained and certainly know how to configure and commission Profibus and glassfibre networks. If needed they can even monitor and service your application through remote access.

iSCAPE® guarantees the latest automation capabilities of Internet technology and above all, at a very friendly price.


  • web based, operated from your default flash browser
  • supports multiple users simultaneously
  • vector oriented
  • secured with user names and passwords
  • remote support, service and maintenance


The iSCAPE® web server offers the possibility to manage and control your systems through remote access. All you need is an internet browser supporting Adobe Flash Player.

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