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Control cabinets

Aqualectra is specialized in both the engineering and the production of control cabinets. We gladly provide assistance in the design of your installation or machine.


Our engineers will translate your needs into electrical diagrams, in accordance with the applicable standards for low-voltage switchgear IEC 61439 and electrical safety of machines IEC 60204. Our well trained technicians and fully equipped production facilities provide an excellent environment for producing your product according to the highest quality standards.

Our specialists are very familiar with a widespread selection of components and their specifications. By applying predefined standards, our engineers are capable of designing your product in the most efficient way.


Aqualectra can offer onsite service for conversions and modifications of pre-installed control cabinets. We can also provide service and support in installing and commissioning cabinets onsite. Our SCC certified field technicians are fully equipped and they are eager to meet any challenge.


  • customizable design in accordance with current standards
  • wide area of expertise
  • extension of your own organization
  • your product according to your needs
  • diagrams in EPLAN8 and .pdf format
  • one personal contact during the whole process
  • tested in accordance with applicable standards and laws


Each control cabinet is unique. That’s why each individual control cabinet gets our utmost care and attention during design, production and testing. Each cabinet which is produced by Aqualectra represents a unique solution to a unique equation.

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