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Electronic Products

Our electronic product range mostly consists of modules that are produced in large numbers for our customers. This allows them to achieve a high purchasing discount compared to alternative solutions. Competitive prices and high performances are guaranteed because our electronic products are specifically designed and optimized for their  specific tasks. There are no redundant hardware components and the optionally integrated software is fully developed and optimized for their task. For you it can provide the ideal solution at a very attractive price.

Our electronic products are sold separately and in series, but they may come integrated in our electric panels as well. Frequently used modules are our power supplies, intervention modules and pump controllers. An intervention module can intervene in the control of a device or actuator, which is usually controlled by a higher level computerized BMS, DDC or PLC system. You can switch the connected equipment from the automatic mode to manual or off. The actual status is indicated by integrated LEDs on the modules and can be signaled back by connecting potential free contact to a BMS system. Pump Controllers are available in various versions for sewage pumps and booster pumps with direct on line (DOL) start-up or frequency controlled operation.

See our documents section for detailed electronic product information and select our pricelist. (in Dutch)

 Aqualectra b.v. - Prices Electronic 2021 (Dutch)


  • very competitive prices
  • fast delivery
  • brand labeling possible
  • customer specific
  • single pieces and series production
  • conventional products delivery from stock
  • preprogrammed software
  • proven designs


  • timers
  • fault detectors
  • intervention modules
  • power supplies, backup power supplies, chargers
  • pump controllers
  • process displays
  • phase monitoring relays
  • level monitoring modules
  • water (flood) detection

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