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Pump controls

Good relationships and close cooperation with manufacturers of pumps and frequency inverters, joined with a large practical experience and theoretical knowledge has resulted in specialized expertise regarding pumps and pumping systems. We have applied our knowledge and expertise to create our own unique line of pump controllers. Products with a worldwide reputation!

Stepless pressure control

Aqualectra supplies control cabinets and pump controllers for sewage control, storm water tank controls, pressure boosting systems and irrigation systems. For water treatment plants, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration controls we offer various PLC solutions. With our own pump controller AUC3400 you can realize stepless pressure control with 1 to 8 frequency controlled pumps and achieve an unparalleled comfort level at the lowest costs. All without any special knowledge other than the information which can be found in the AUC3400 manual.

Reliable functionality

Standard configurations and electric diagrams can be used when applying Aqualectra’s pump controllers. As a result, engineering costs are reduced and you get a reliable product with proven functionality which is easy to support and maintain. At our production facility, the units are functionally tested by connecting pumps to the frequency inverters. Aqualectra can deliver pump control panels with internal separation Forms 1 to 4.

Reference Guide AUC3400


The Aqualectra Junior Controller 10 provides a unique solution, programmable logic functions, containing  an integrated display and key controls. This controller can be programmed and applied in many different ways and therefore offers an affordable solution.


Expanding lifecycles, reducing maintenance costs and getting the best performance and efficiency from your pumps. The Aqualectra Universal Controller 3400 can make it all happen. You can realize pressure control with 1 to 8 frequency controlled pumps. This smart fuzzy-wise controller can realize stepless pressure control without any overshoot.

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